Virginia Equestrian Festival & Expo

Horse Rescue Initiative

Adoption Showcase and Rescued Horses for Clinics: Why we care.Horse welfare is a subject near and dear to the hearts of all horse owners. Horse rescues make a huge difference in the lives of neglected and abused horses and they need our support.Equine Extravaganza is taking steps to help two very progressive horse rescues showcase some of the amazing horses that have come to them in need of care and are not ready for adoption.Days End Farm, Lisbon, MD, and United States Equine Rescue League, based in Raleigh, NC will both provide horses for clinics and demonstrations throughout the weekend, as well as showcase horses ready for adoption in the Horse Adoption Showcase on Saturday. If you’re in the market for a new horse, be sure to consider one of these amazing horses! In addition, throughout the weekend members of Days End Farm will host seminars on topics should as Large Animal Rescue, how to start a horse rescue, and a number of youth related topics in the Southern States Seminar Hall.

Need more encouragement to consider rescue?

Read Chino’s Story: One of many rescue stories with a very happy ending! (A story from Days End Farm Horse Rescue)

Chino’s Amazing Story – A Champion in the Making

Chino arrived at Day’s End Farm Horse Rescue from Caroline county in March of 2009 with a body condition of 1.5 out 9 on the Henneke scoring chart. He was in pain when he got off the trailer and wouldn’t stop grinding his teeth. DEFHR staff started treating him for colic but ultimately sent him to the emergency clinic for intensive care.

Chino returned to DEFHR and became stable but went through a long rehabilitation process before he became available for adoption. His personality was great and DEFHR staff knew this guy was going to be something special.

After all he went through, Chino’s first success was his own will to survive along with thanks to DEFHR for caring enough to give him that second chance.

Chino’s Second Chance

14 year old Emily asked to adopt a rescue as her forever horse. Having tremendous success with two prior rescue horses from DEFHR, Butterball and Diego, she was positive that she didn’t want to look anywhere else but to Days End. It didn’t matter to her that it would take extra training, patience and time as well as stepping back from the level of competition that she had accomplished with Diego, knowing she would have to start over once again.

She only knew that the reward was greater and more important than getting a horse that was “ready to go.” Her purpose was knowing she could give back to a life that was once discarded and her determination and incentive was that of joy, knowing she would be the one to bring back a new beginning to a life that was once so near to its end, to now be respected and loved…a gift that would be with her for a lifetime. When Emily and her family attended the DEFHR Spring Festival 2009, searching for our new horse, they didn’t realize at the time, Chino would end up choosing them. When they were first introduced to him, they were unsure, because typically he would be seen more for western discipline, but his movements were that of pure amazement, absolutely beautiful It was an instant connection…Emily and Chino were meant to be. Chino’s Homecoming – Safe Haven Farm on September 20, 2009 What a memorable day for Emily’s family and Safe Haven Farm. Chino’s adoption was kept a surprise…pictures tell the story of happiness and instant love! It didn’t take long either for Chino and Emily to build a strong bond. Whenever Emily goes out of his sight, he searches for her with eyes and ears and seems to “smile” the moment she reappears or hears her voice.

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